Getting Spooky with Kaplan: Halloween in the USA

One of the most exciting (and widely celebrated) holidays in the US is the costume and make-up extravaganza of Halloween. The streets are lined with pumpkins and spiderwebs, the houses are decked out with all sorts of orange and black decor and people across the country put together intricate, and often scary, Halloween costumes. For a Kaplan student, it's the best time to truly experience the essence of American culture.

This year, we asked our students from all 18 Kaplan English schools in the US to share their best costume-clad photos from their school's Halloween party, broadcasting the fun, yet frightful #Kaploween activities to people across the world – and they didn't disappoint! Take a look at the darker side of the #KaplanEx-FEAR-ience below.


New York

Kaplan students all around the US enjoyed dressing up and showing off their creative costumes, whether in the school or just around town! Here, we have a student getting spooky with her Shark-head-on-Marilyn-Monroe costume on the streets of New York City, just a stone's throw away from our New York Empires State English school

NY Halloween


New York has lots of different Halloween-themed parties and events during the month of October. @CatalinStelianShanks and friend explored some of the local NYC festivities in their Mario and Wolverine costumes.

NY Halloween 2



Students in Philadelphia had a blast showing off their best costumes with our exclusive #Kaploween snapchat filter - really adds that extra layer of creepy!

Philadelphia Halloween


Even the staff gets involved in the holiday festivities. Cristiana, a teacher at our Philadelphia English school, showed her Halloween spirt with a traditional black cat costume.

Philadelphia Halloween 2


Boston Harvard Square

Kaplan Boston Harvard Square celebrated the Day of the Dead with traditional Dia de los Muertos face painting. Contrary to popular belief, the skull make up is not meant to be scary, but rather is used as a way to celebrate and remember family members who have died.

Boston Halloween


Not all students at our Boston Harvard Square school did the Day of the Dead make up. Here's a range of some of the amazing costumes they came up with for their Halloween party.

Boston Halloween 2


Los Angeles Whittier

On the other side of the US, students at our Los Angeles Whittier school had a bit of fun with the snapchat filter. Here we have @ivanaragonvega combining a few festive filters.

Los Angeles Halloween


How did you spend your Halloween? Share your photos and stories with us on our Facebook channel or in the comment section below. Want to know more about some of the amazing social activities we put on in our US schools? Get in touch!

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