Students Speak: Kaplan Back To School Bash

At another successful Kaplan Party in London, 195 students from our schools around the UK spent the day around London with their classmates, and then met up to party it up at Bloomsbury Lanes, where they played foosball, danced, had a few drinks, met new people and even got some bowling time!

We asked a few of our students what they thought about the experience, and here’s what they had to say about our Back to School Bash:


Silas Aguiar
(KIC London, from Brazil)

“The Back to School Bash was the best party of Kaplan and it is a good opportunity to meet new friends and practice your English! I really recommend it!”

Svetlana, Damien and Victoria at Bloomsbury Lanes in London

Svetlana Dzabolova
(KIC London, from Russia)

Hi losers who missed one the greatest parties this year and luckies who joined and were enjoying it the whole night! I'm happy to say and to share my emotions with everybody! Amazing! Unbelievably crazy! Everybody felt involved and was in the great mood. Crowd of representatives of different nationalities couldn't make you feel lonely or bored. It was a great chance to improve not only your dancing abilities but English speaking and listening skills, even if music was too loud and butting in your speech.

I had fun there and will join it again next time! Thank you my Kaplan!

Damien Yerly
(KIC London, from Switzerland)

"What better than to hook up with some classmates in a pub or a club to spend a good time after school? Kaplan's party provided the unique occasion of meeting new people from everywhere in the world in a crazy ambiance that you won't forget."

Victoria Gadzhieva
(KIC London, from Russia)

It was an unforgettable party... A dose of inspiring emotions enticing you to dance even if you didn't know how! A huge circle was organized by the participants in order to give everybody a chance to dance in the center of it and to realise his talent. It was funny and fascinating to look at people who were shy but brave at the same time. Two Kaplan princesses, Claire and Daisy, gave you a desire to try yourself while they gave a master class of Hip Hop dance battles.

In addition, I'd like to say that there was karaoke, table football and bowling ... No opportunities to be bored! I would advise Kaplaners not to miss the colleges’ social program events anymore! See you next party!

Were you at the party? What did you think?

If you want to write about your experiences with KIC for the blog, talk to your social organizers or school principal. We’d love to showcase your writing!

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