Kaplan Snapchat Takeover: Philadelphia

Each month, we hand the Kaplan global Snapchat account, @kaplanenglish, over to two of our schools for a whole week, giving them each the chance to upload photos and videos of some of their favorite places in their cities and to show us why the love learning English with Kaplan. This week, our Snapchat is being broadcast from the historic town of Philadelphia. Our students and staff took this opportunity to show what they love about Philly and why they think that their school is the best. Take a look at what they’ve been posting!


snapchat takeover
See what Philly showcased on the Kaplan Snapchat


Each photo highlighted a different aspect of what makes Philadelphia such a great and dynamic city. Some of our students love the rich history that can be found around every corner, while others admired some of the beautiful and important landmarks that are within walking distance of the school.

Philadelphia is the town where the Declaration of Independence was signed in 1776


Philadelphia Love statue
It is also known as the City of Brotherly Love


The students and staff of Kaplan Philadelphia also took this as an opportunity to show us their school spirit! We got a chance to see what their classes are like and even got to meet a few students and teachers from the school.

Kaplan Philadelphia students
Some of our students wanted to say hello


Philly teacher
And the Kaplan Philly teachers got into the spirt too!



Kaplan Philadelphia is still posting on our global snapchat, but not for much longer! Catch some of the fun photos and videos now before the account gets handed over to another school. Be sure to follow us @kaplanenglish to experience life at some of our others schools!

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