#KaplanExperience hashtag reaches 50K photos!

The Kaplan Experience hashtag has proven to be  a popular way for students to share their international experiences with Kaplan with friends and future Kaplan students on instagram.

This week, #KaplanExperience is celebrating a milestone with 50,000 photos shared by students all over the world, from Spain to South Korea and even more.

Rob, the social media manager at Kaplan International English, gave us some insight behind the curtain and shared his all-time favorite photos on the hashtag.

What’s your favorite aspect of checking out the KaplanExperience photos?

The fact that it gives me an insight into the experience of students all around the world, and that the pictures make me happy! Whether it’s landmarks, students, teachers, host families, classes, activities or graduations – it’s almost always positive!

Do you have an all-time favorite photo?

Wow, what a question! There’s been so many amazing photographs! It’s almost impossible to pick between them, so I guess it comes down to personal choice. I couldn’t pick one, so here are my top three!

This photo by Francia was taken in Philadelphia

I love this photo. It shows how friendship, and people, are such an important part of the #KaplanExperience.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="384" caption="Carol (@carolmmagalhaes) used to study with Kaplan in New York and now studies at @UCLA in Los Angeles!"][/caption]

Of course this photo shows our destinations, in a cool and dramatic way, but it also shows that your hopes and dreams are right in front of you, if you’re brave enough to make the journey.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="384" caption="New York student @daanischneider took this photo during her time with Kaplan."][/caption]

If I could pick one photo that represents the spirit of Kaplan and the essence of the #KaplanExperience, this would be it. Pure joy. Whether it’s forming friendships, visiting new places, learning the language or moving one step closer to your goal, this photo shows the feeling the #KaplanExperience can give you.

Why do you think students like sharing the KaplanExperience?

I think students are very proud of their friendships, travels and achievements, and therefore want to share them with the world. Many of us like to share pictures and videos on social media, but students are having the times of their lives, so it’s even more likely that they’ll want to share their story!

Could you share the 50k photo? What do you think of it?

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="383" caption="The 50,000th #KaplanExperience photo was taken by Natalia (@nataliacrrillo) from Venezuela!"][/caption]

I love the 50,000th photo! It’s fun and shows different nationalities in the classroom. If you are reading this Natalia, thank you for sharing lots of great pictures from your #KaplanExperience

Have you noticed any specific themes in the types of photos students share?
Some students post inspiring photos of locations, others post warming photos with their friends/teachers, other post exciting photos of social activities, whilst others post funny photos of their day to day lives. Throughout most of them though is the underlying theme of positivity which is great to see!

When you started the KaplanExperience hashtag, did you ever imagine that it would hit 50k photos at this point? How do you feel about it?

To be honest, I did imagine we would reach 50,000! We have so many students all around the world taking amazing photographs and sharing them on Instagram, 50,000 was an achievable target. Our next target should be 75,000 and then 100,000! How do I feel about it? I feel proud of what has been achieved, grateful to the school staff and students who have helped us reach this point, and determined to hit our next goal.

Why do you think prospective students would want to check out the KaplanExperience hashtag on Instagram?

To see what really happens in our schools and destinations! Kaplan doesn’t own the hashtag. The photos on the hashtag are from students and staff. It’s therefore a great opportunity for prospects to see a transparent and unfiltered view of what it’s really like to be a student. I would encourage anyone who is thinking about learning English with Kaplan to have a look at the hashtag to help with their decision.

Have you taken part in the #KaplanExperience? Share your photos on instagram and you could win a prize!

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