Kaplan's Blended Learning Courses Prove Successful

Kaplan's English language schools in the UK, Ireland, New Zealand and Australia have recently started to use newly-designed, bespoke English language materials which combine the advantages of print materials with those of online activities.

Face-to-face classes at Kaplan provide a great English learning environment as students benefit from the guidance and support of experienced, highly-motivated teachers and interactions with other students.

However, the effectiveness of these English language courses is now enhanced even further through complementary online activities which serve to consolidate and extend the students' language skills.

K+ Notes are the brand new Kaplan English language booklets which are being used in the face-to-face lessons. They include attractive student books, clear teacher's books and exciting extra resources. The topics are dynamic and relevant to the learners' interests and learning needs.

There is a strong focus on skill development throughout embedded in which is an inductive approach to grammar development with meaningful opportunities to practise language points in real-life contexts.

A grammar-file at the back of each booklet contains further grammar explanations and practise activities. These integrate closely with the online practise activities contained in K+ Tools, the online materials delivered through the Moodle learning management system.

Prof. Stephen Bax, CRELLA Research Centre, University of Bedfordshire, England, said: "It is clear that the materials are of good quality, pitched at the right level, attractive, motivating and successful in providing a platform for teaching and learning."

Students are responding positively to the new blended learning courses. Their learning is becoming more focused and efficient without losing any of the fun that has always been an important part of the Kaplan Experience.

The walls of the classrooms no longer confine learning. Students are learning anytime, anywhere. Plans are now underway to pilot mobile learning tools, online games and apps as key components of the blended learning programmes. Language learning is changing, and Kaplan is leading the way.

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