Word of the week: Kerfuffle


A lot of argument, disturbance or fuss

There was a kerfuffle at the gaming shop when Modern Warfare 3 Limited Edition was released at midnight.

Popularized in the UK by the comedy television show Little Britain, kerfuffle was first recorded in 1946. The word is thought to be taken from old Scottish words meaning untidy and wrong. It's a fun word and not to be used seriously. Users often refer to 'a bit of a kerfuffle' to describe a small disturbance of everyday life.

You could say there was a bit of a kerfuffle on the London tube during rush hour, when everyone was trying to board the crowded train. A wasp might cause quite a kerfuffle at your picnic, especially if you are eating jam sandwiches. You might find yourself in a kerfuffle when punting for the first time in Oxford or Cambridge.

One thing is for sure, it's not a kerfuffle to sign up for one of our courses! You can just contact one of our advisors!

Have you seen a bit of a kerfuffle lately?

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