Business English Vocabulary: Law

How much do you know about legal terms in English? If you’re looking to jumpstart your law career in an English-speaking country, it’s best to take some time to examine the terms you are going to come across daily in your profession. To get you started, we collected some key terms for you to memorize. Take a look!


Attorney (US)/ Barrister (UK)

This is a person who is appointed to represent someone in a court of law. In the US, this person may also be referred to as a lawyer. In the UK a solicitor is also a type of lawyer, but they brief the barrister.

law lawyer
A lawyer is one of the most key elements in winning and losing a case



The case is a statement of facts in a trial, especially the argument that one side is presenting.



A contract is a formal agreement in writing between two or more parties.



This is the place where cases are heard and decided. A courtroom is the particular room in which a trial is taking place.

courtroom law
A courtroom can be quite intimidating if you are on the wrong side of the law!



The evidence in a case is the information presented in court that is meant to prove or support a point that the lawyer is making.

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Someone who is guilty is responsible for wrongdoing. If you plead guilty, then you are admitting that you did what you are being accused of.



This is a person who has the official authority to hear and decide cases in a court of law.

law judge
The judge is the person who decides on a punishment if you are found guilty



A jury is a group of people chosen (at random) to hear the evidence of a case and decide whether the person should be declared guilty or innocent.



A lawsuit is when someone takes legal action against another person/party in a court of law.



This is the decision of the court, usually referring to a particular punishment. A judge decides the sentence.

law sentence
Depending on your crime, your sentence could range from community service to time spent in jail



This is the formal examination of a case in a court of law.



The verdict is the formal decision of a case. This is decided by a judge or jury.


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