Learn English with Kaplan in dynamic Seattle

Seattle is a survivor that just keeps on getting stronger. It’s a city that started life as an underdog, facing frequent floods before nature threw its toughest challenge yet at the poor city in the form of a raging fire that burnt down 64 blocks of Seattle’s central core. For other, lesser cities, this would have been the end, but for Seattle, it was only the beginning.

Seattle rose from the ashes of the fire like a majestic phoenix, building its new streets up on supports, out of reach of swirling floodwaters, and sprawling further and further outwards. Size was not the only way Seattle grew after the fire; it also produced some of the United States’ most successful companies, including Microsoft and Starbucks. It became the fast-paced US home of big business, plus America’s most educated city, with around 53.8% of over 25’s in Seattle owning a Bachelor’s Degree or higher, making it the perfect place to enhance your English language skills with Kaplan.

That’s not to say that Seattle became dull. Oh no, as well as professional excellence, Seattle has given birth to some of the most famous American musicians of all time, from Jimi Hendrix to Nirvana. The city’s musical side has provided it with a thriving nightlife scene and infectious creative energy. This has made Seattle a popular destination for thousands of students, including those at Kaplan International College’s Seattle English language School. The city is alive in another way too; in the deep green of the natural forest surroundings that have earned Seattle the nickname ‘the Emerald City’.

So has this bold new city forgotten its humble beginnings? Of course not, the city’s former shops and American saloon bars have been preserved underground, so you have the chance to take a tour of Seattle’s spooky secret streets.

The city that came out on top, no matter what life threw at it, Seattle’s winning charm is sure to rub off on anyone who visits.

Know about  Seattle already? Then leave a comment, we all want to know what your favourite thing about this spectacular city is.

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