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Learning English in London, UK

Introducing London seems almost unnecessary; tell someone you live in England and their first question will almost definitely be ‘in London?’ It’s important to remember, though, that there’s a difference between knowing about a place and really knowing a place. London is such a diverse and astonishing city that whether you spend under a year studying English there with Kaplan or live there for over 100 years, there will still be some undiscovered gem tucked away in one of its hidden corners. Here are just a few highlights to get you started.

Top of most London visitors’ list is the regal Buckingham Palace, where the impeccably smart and instantly recognizable British Guards watch over Queen Elizabeth II in their bright red coats and furry black bearskin hats. Next it’s on to Madame Tussauds, where you can have your photo taken with the incredibly realistic waxy twins of everyone from David Beckham and Madonna to Barack Obama and Einstein. Stepping back out onto the thriving streets of London, you still have thousands and thousands of other top attractions on your schedule, whether you’re looking for hot nightlife or high culture.

Aside from being one of the best places on the entire planet for entertainment, London is also the place to go to get ahead in the professional and academic World. The city is Britain’s leading financial centre and the home of big business as well as many of the UK’s best Universities and Colleges, including two Kaplan English language Schools, so is alive with fresh young energy and great opportunities.

Excited? You should be; the things mentioned so far are just a few tiny grains of sand on a whole beach’s worth of London’s spectacular possibilities.

If you've already discovered London life, write us a comment to keep our readers in-the-know on the city's best bits.

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Are you interested in traveling to London? Kaplan has created the 8 Great Things to do in London motiongraphic, which shows the best things to do in the capital, according to our students. Click on the motiongraphic link to join the conversation.

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