Tips for Learning English on the Move

Kaplan Tips to help you Learn English whilst you're on the move!

When learning English in an immersive way, every sign and word can sink in when you least expect it – on trains, on TV ads and shows, in shopping centres to just general conversation around you. You might find yourself thinking of a phrase you thought you didn’t know before that’s been deeply rooted in your memory! To help the journey along in-between your classes, we have a few tips to exercise your language skills when you learn English abroad with Kaplan.

1. Be aware!

Simple enough, but really effective! Whenever we see a place for the first time, we tend to pay more attention to signs and people around us – which makes a holiday so memorable. After staying in a place for a while, we tend to ignore our surroundings and become distracted with other things. Take the most out of learning abroad when noticing signs and media, different language and how all sorts of people interact with each other. Another benefit of immersive learning is that you also manage to learn the language of social codes and distinguish accents!

2. Say what you see – pizza!

A good tip is to practise thinking in your target language.

Try mentally describing where you are – in simple terms, than to expand with adjectives and verbs:

e.g. a) “I am waiting for a bus” – simple sentence

b) “I am waiting for a red bus that is very slow” - sentence with adjectives

c) “I am waiting for a red bus that is very slow, and it’s warm outside! It’s been 10 minutes and it still hasn’t arrived! If it stays that way, I will walk back instead”- sentence with adjectives, tenses and extra verbs, conditional clause and so on! This one is a bit harder!

See how far you can go with this grammatical pizza – adding language toppings as you go along!

3. Note down everything you want to remember

With technology being so portable and advanced, there’s no reason not to note things down. Whether it’s by pen and paper or an Ipad, it can be really helpful to put down key words or phrases you come across when learning abroad.

4. Eat, Drink and be Merry!

The best way to learn a target language is to get out there and use it practically. Restaurants, bars, cinemas etc. - it will become easier in no time! If you learn with us at Kaplan, not only do you build a great foundation of language, you get the chance to exercise it wherever you go!

Be sure to share your learning tips with us!

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