Learning on the Move - from Blackboard to Touch Screen

Learning whilst playing a game – what could sound better?

As technology advances, so do our attitudes towards daily activities such as education, shopping, transforming at an incredible rate as things become faster and more efficient! Edutainment is just one of these, using a mix of entertainment and education that has taken households and classrooms by storm.

It sounds perfect – when learning in a relaxing environment, you’ll take in more information and will be better retaining information. It won’t feel so much like a chore – but how do you develop a game that will teach you the right skills? How do you mix it in a playful environment but still get the information across?

We asked Evan Schiff, the New Products Developer for Kaplan International, some questions about making an educational video game:

What are the first steps to planning an educational game?

I think one of the hardest challenges if incorporating the learning to the video play without hurting the enjoyment of the game.  As a former teacher, I’m keen to make sure the students are actually learning something and as a product developer I’m hoping that they enjoy the game.

How do you make it appealing to students and parents/teachers?

I think teachers will always embrace something that keeps students interested.  Especially if they know there’s a sound pedagogical reasoning behind it.  As for students, I think the majority of them are looking for some more entertaining than a typical lecture class.  I think if we can provide them with something that is fun and also allows them to learn, that’s quite appealing.

How do you see educational games in general?

I think there are some good educational games out there but I think the industry is just starting to understand that it’s not enough to make an educational game fun, or an entertaining game educational but a game needs to be created with both in mind.

What are your predictions for the future about educational gaming?

I think we’re going to see a lot more games in the future both in and out of the classroom.

I think Kaplan International Colleges will be at the front of this and I hope we continue to develop these enjoyable, educational games!


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