Life at Kaplan; Speaking with locals



Jiseon Lee and friends in Oxford

If there’s something that our Kaplan students agree on, it’s the fact that practising their language skills outside of the classroom have increased their understanding of the English language and improved their fluency. From reading English books to talking with the locals, this additional interaction with English can be very beneficial to enhancing your language skills. Today our students share their success stories, and tell us how immersing themselves into the local culture has helped to improve their English.

Shunichi Kitagawa is a 21 year old student from Japan, who is currently studying at Kaplan Vancouver in order to help him achieve his dream of becoming a teacher. According to Shunichi his English has improved significantly since studying at Kaplan, as “I have been speaking with friends and locals as much as possible, and reading books and watching English TV programs.” He says that his best experience at Kaplan has been working as a volunteer on the front desk reception, which he says has “been great in helping me to practice and improve my English” and also helped him to “interact with people from different countries.”

Like, Shunichi, Jiseon Lee has also benefited from practising her English in her spare time. After moving from South Korea to stay with a host family in Kaplan Oxford, Jiseon is studying English in order to return to South Korea and finish her nursing degree. Speaking about the improvements that she has made in learning English, Jiseon credits this progress to practising at home, where she said “I reviewed what I learned in my class every day, and practised my English with my host family over dinner every night, which I think helped improved my English a lot.’

According to Katharina from Germany, speaking English in her spare time has been very valuable to her language development. After moving from Germany to Kaplan Chicago and staying with a host family, Katharina said that she benefited from being the only Germany student in school, as she “constantly had to practice my English, so my English improved a lot.” She attributed her progress to living with her host family, as according to Katharina “almost every Sunday I went to church with my host family and practised my English. Living with my host family was great as it encouraged me to speak in English to my family, and improved my fluency.”

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