Life at Kaplan; Using Public Transport


Aside from reading books and speaking with your friends, another great way to perfect your language skills is through using the local transport links. Whether you’re practising your English language by asking for directions, or simply sight-seeing and getting to know the area, using public transport is great way to immerse yourself into English culture and the city that you’re living in.

Lapat, a 23 year student from Thailand who is studying in Kaplan Melbourne, thinks Melbourne’s transportation links are great for seeing Melbourne, and says “I love Melbourne’s public transport. It’s convenient and it covers all around the city.” He has frequently used it as a way of travelling across the city, and has used it to visit tourist attractions within Melbourne.

Like Lapat, Gianluigi from Italy has also been utilising the public transport in Kaplan Manchester. According to Gianluigi the public transportation links in Manchester are “amazing and cheap” and make it “very easy to get around the city centre.” His school is in the city centre, which with the help of public transport is almost ‘too easy to reach.’ He argues that his learning has been enhanced by public transport, as by using the local buses he goes into the city to visit museums and the library where he practices his English.

When asked about her favourite aspect of the city that she was living in, Katharina from Germany cited that she “loves the public transportation” in Chicago, and the way it provides such easy access to her favourite parks.” Rami from Saudi Arabia also praised the local transport in Auckland, and stated that ‘the transport is everywhere.’

All four students argued that their use of local transport was beneficial to their learning process, and by said that simply asking for directions and purchasing bus tickets helped them to put their English into practice and become more fluent in their conversations.  

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