Ziyi's Experience at Kaplan Manchester

Ziyi Zheng is a 24 year old student from China, and is studying a six month English course at Kaplan Manchester. Today he outlines his plans for the future and explains how studying with Kaplan will help him to achieve these plans.


How did you find out about Kaplan?

I was recommended by a friend.   


What were you doing before choosing to study at Kaplan?

I was a student at university.


Has your English improved since studying at Kaplan?

Yes it has definitely improved. I would now say that my English is pretty good.


What do you love most about the city that you are studying in?

I love Manchester Football team the most, they are amazing.


What do you like most about your teachers?

The teachers at Kaplan are the best. They teach me how to use English, and even teach me about English culture.


What has been your best experience at Kaplan so far?

The social programme is my favourite. Meeting new people has been such a great experience.


Why would you recommend Kaplan to your friends back home?

I would recommend Kaplan to my friends back home because if you choose Kaplan you’ll have a superb experience.


How do you think studying English with Kaplan will help your future?

Studying English with Kaplan will help with my future as I hope to live in the U.K and get a Master’s degree at Liverpool University.


What do you plan to do after you finish studying with Kaplan?

After studying with Kaplan I plan on going to Liverpool University and studying towards a Master’s degree.


Do you think this course has helped you with your future goals?

Yes. Through Kaplan I have improved my English skills and made international friends.


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