Life @ Kaplan: Books from Torquay to Malawi

Our Junior center in Torquay, England, had too many books and not enough places to put them. Rather than throwing them away (or "binning them", in UK slang), they decided that these books would benefit students somewhere else.

Principal Anna Robinson helped collect the books. "Our junior centre Director of Studies Bethan Edwards suggested sending the books to a project in Malawi," and so the idea was born! The charity group in Malawi, called Ripple Africa, helps build and run schools in Malawi, Africa.

KIC Torquay's books arrived safely in Malawi for future students to use!

In Malawi, only 13% of students attend secondary school (high school). According to Ripple Africa, the two main reasons for this are high school fees and access to schools. By building and running schools, the group offers students a better chance to continue their education.

By donating books to the Kapanda Community Day Secondary School in Malawi, KIC Torquay has helped students continue their education and learn English!

Donating old books is a great way to share with people who are less fortunate, and is much better than throwing them away. Have you ever thought about donating your old books?

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