Life @ Kaplan: Boston Volunteers

Students at our Kaplan English schools in Boston have been spending a lot of time helping those less fortunate. Rather than spending their weekends sleeping or watching TV, they've been out around Boston, taking part in charity events!

Kaplan's Boston Schools Walk for Hunger

In May, Kaplan Harvard Square, Northeastern University and Boston participated in Project Bread’s annual 20-mile (32 kilometer) Walk for Hunger event.

The purpose of the event was for “alleviating, preventing, and ultimately ending hunger in Massachusetts”. Project Bread, a local charity, funds more than 400 emergency food programs, including food pantries, soup kitchens, and food banks throughout Massachusetts.

To support this admirable cause, Kaplan in Harvard Square created a Kaplan team of students, staff and teachers who walked the 20 mile route.

This event was a true eye opener for many of our students, as it raised a serious issue and demonstrated how people, united with a common goal could help make a difference in the lives of others in our communities.

The team enjoyed the walk for a good cause and they are looking forward to organizing a team in 2013.

Kaplan Northeastern University students volunteer at the Boston Rescue Mission

Kaplan Northeastern students who volunteered to help those in need.

Kaplan intern Meili Jin organized two visits to the Boston Rescue Mission, a local homeless shelter, where groups of students spent time preparing and serving food to those in need. Check out the full photo albums on the Kaplan Northeastern facebook page.

We love sharing what our students around the world are up to. If you want to see a bit more of what students have been involved in, check out our main facebook page!

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