Life @ Kaplan: Following the Kaplan Experience journal

Six months ago, we launched our Kaplan Experience journal.

The Kaplan Experience journal is a small scrapbook, which will be shared with every Kaplan school in the world.

Back in December, the journal started its journey at our London school. Since then it has traveled to every English school in the United Kingdom and is currently on its way to our English school in Ireland.

So far, the journal has traveled over 1000 miles and has been written in by students from all over the world including Venezuela, Spain, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Germany and Thailand!

One of the pages from our Bournemouth school
Edinbrugh students with the journal
Edinburgh students with the journal
The journal was started so that students from every school could connect with each other and share their own Kaplan experiences. So far there have been lots of positive and inspirational messages written in it. Students have also drawn illustrations, offered advice and even shared party tips! Here are some of our favorite messages so far:
“These three months at Manchester have been the most amazing and wonderful months I’ve had in my life!”  Andrea, Venezuela
"I've met so many wonderful people and seen so many beautiful things which make this journey the best experience of my life" Valerie, Holland
After our Dublin students fill out the journal, it will be sent over to Miami and then to each of our schools in America. It will then be sent to our schools in Australia and New Zealand.
Our journal is going on adventure around the world!
Our journal is going on adventure around the world!
We're looking forward to catching up with the journal in another 6 months' time and seeing all the wonderful new messages from our students!
Are you a student at Kaplan? What message would you like to share about your Kaplan experience so far?
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