Life @ Kaplan: Our Edinburgh School Wins!

It’s been a very exciting year for our Edinburgh College.

In July, they became the city's largest adult learning center in Edinburgh in one location. Now they have even more to celebrate as the college has just been rated the best language school in Scotland by Education Scotland.

The report is based on three factors: student progress; learning and teaching processes and leadership and quality culture.

We spoke to staff and students at the Edinburgh College, to find out what makes it such a great place to learn English.

Ezgi, Student Services Manager

It’s fantastic to hear that Kaplan Edinburgh has been named the best language school in Scotland, and it’s particularly great to see the hard work of the teachers and staff being recognised in this way. We’re always working hard to give our students the best experience they can have, so it’s nice to be rewarded for our efforts and to see the college gain this recognition. There’s a really good feeling throughout the college and it’s always a very enjoyable place to work.

Annie, 20, Switzerland:  

I studied the Advanced CAE preparation class, followed by 3 weeks of Advanced General English. I came to Edinburgh based on a friend's recommendation. The best thing about studying here is meeting new people from different countries and cultures from all over the world and being able to say “cheers” in all their languages! Our Social Organiser helped me to join a local Badminton team so I was able to speak to local people and enjoy their company.

Maria, 24, Russia:

I studied General English with Business English. There was a positive atmosphere and really supportive staff members. Classes were always interesting because the teachers always varied the lessons and exercises. You learn about traditional Scottish culture and history of Edinburgh. After studying here, I definitely feel like I'm able to communicate better in English. It has really helped my career prospects.

Alba, 24, Spain:

I studied an Intensive English Academic semester. The staff have helped me in so many ways. They answer my questions with enthusiasm, give me extra work to help me practice and have explained to me the best ways to study and use the resources available. They are professional and make the classes as dynamic as possible. Before I arrived I could only speak 20 words of English and now I’m able to talk to you about my experience!

Mike, Social Program Manager

I’ve worked at Kaplan Edinburgh for just over two months and have loved every minute of it. The teachers and staff here are fantastic, and my role as Social Program Manager allows me to meet interesting students from all over the world. The school’s location in the heart of Edinburgh’s New Town means that everything is right on the doorstep. I’ve particularly enjoyed our in-house events in the student room, such as International Food Night and our Spanish Fiesta last week, and I’m already looking forward to the parties we’re having here for Halloween and Christmas!”

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