Life @ Kaplan: Famous April Fools

Today is April 1st, and for many people, this means it’s April Fool’s Day. You may have already read about April Fool’s Day in our special blog post last year.

It is a day when people all over the world play jokes and pranks on their friends and colleagues. In today’s blog we will take a look at some of the most famous April Fools pranks. We also have April Fools stories about our own Kaplan staff.

Update: in 2014, we also ran an April Fool's prank of our own by launching the Kaplan Underwater English programme!

Famous pranks played on April Fools Day

The Left Handed Whopper: In 1998, Burger King USA announced that they were making a "Left-Handed Whopper" just for left handed people. Thousands of customers asked for the burger. The following day Burger King revealed that it was an April Fool’s prank.

Flying Penguins: In 2008, The BBC released a video of “flying penguins” The story was released in national newspapers:

Spaghetti Trees: Back in the 1950’s the BBC played another April Fool’s prank and produced a fake three-minute documentary about trees that grew spaghetti. Lots of people are said to have asked the BBC how they could grow their own.

Google Gulp: In 2005, Google announced that it was launching its own drink that would increase intelligence after drinking it.

Kaplan April Fools

Can you tell which of these are true and which are April Fools pranks?

Natalia, our Polish Country Manager has met the Spice Girls.

Matteo, our Italian Marketer is a third generation fly fisherman.

Rob, our Social Media manager has swum the English Channel.

Martin, our SEO Executive used to play for York City Football Club.

Helena, our Head of Campaigns was the first female to DJ in the Algarve in Portugal.

SoYoung, our Asia Marketing Manager used to be a member of a Korean girl band.

Stay tuned to our blog and Facebook page to find out the correct answers!

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