Life @ Kaplan: Halloween Party at Fire London!

Happy Halloween everybody! This weekend, Kaplan students and staff turned up in record numbers (and incredible fancy dress) to FIRE club in London for the Lost in London Halloween Party.  And what a night it was!

Halloween might have started in the USA, but it was great to see Kaplan students from around the world, and some of the staff from the London office, turning up in their best costumes. There were some great outfits, and some people went to a serious amount of effort.

That's me on the right! I lost count of how many people came up to me and said, "I found you!"

Now, I was told that this party had people from Kaplan mixed up with everyone else from the public, but everyone I spoke to said they were a Kaplan student, so it was really cool to meet loads of the students and hang out with everybody.

FIRE was an awesome venue for the event, with more dance floors than I could count, a huge outdoor area, and loads of bars and different music styles being played. Every dancefloor was packed with ghouls, witches, werewolves and superheroes, from the terrifying to the hilarious.

And a few inbetween

Now, I was tasked with taking photos and telling the story of Kaplan's Halloween party. Unfortunately, nightclubs are dark, and I am not a great photographer. Here are a few of the snaps I managed to get - if anyone has any others from the night, we'd love to see them!

How most of my photos turned out

Are you interested in traveling to London? Kaplan has created the 8 Great Things to do in London motiongraphic, which shows the best things to do in the capital, according to our students. Click on the motiongraphic link to join the conversation.

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