Life @ Kaplan: Love and friendship at Kaplan

This Friday is Valentines Day; the international day of love. In today's blog, we speak to students who found love and friendship at Kaplan!

Daniela from Switzerland and Paulo from Italy met at Kaplan Bath four years ago. They have been together ever since.

Daniela: "We met on my third day at school; I think it was an afternoon class. He wasn't in my class actually but his classroom was the one next to mine. He opened the connection door of this room, knowing him probably to check out the girls! That’s when we had our first chat. After that we met a lot outside of school, with trips to the pubs, the parks, and trips with the school.

When we both returned from England we started meeting up either at my home in Switzerland or in his in Italy. It's still like this at the moment and we see each other about every 3-4 weeks for a short weekend, except when we go on our holidays to Egypt or Greece. That’s when we spend more time together.

I loved my time in England because I had a fantastic host family and met lots of nice people at school. It was a good mixture of studying and holiday. Thanks to Penny, our Social Program Manager we had a lot of 'cool' out-of-school activities!"

Carolina and Rodrigo are both from Colombia and are the most romantic couple at Kaplan Cairns!

The couple have been together for five years and recently decided to put their careers on hold to travel to Australia together to study English to help them at work.

Carolina is a lawyer and Rodrigo is an administrator. Although they thought about going to several Kaplan destinations, they both said that they were attracted to Kaplan Cairns because it seemed to such a friendly and relaxed place to live.

Caroline says it was difficult at first to adjust to speaking English all the time, but they have now agreed to only speak English with each other at home. She says it has been a really great experience for both of them and that it has definitely brought them even closer together, even though they both miss their “son”, Bubu the poodle, who they had to leave back in Colombia.

Rodrigo proposed to Carolina last year, so everyone at Kaplan Cairns wishes them a happy life together and success in their studies!

Nouf from Saudi Arabia and Bella from Venezuela became the best of friends when they met at our Chicago IIT school.

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Nouf: “At Kaplan I met an amazing girl who accepted me for who I was. She didn't try to change me at all; she loved me for the way I was.  Plus, I feel like we’re on the same wavelength; she is the Latin version of me. She is interested in my culture, and we have both discovered the world from a different perspective. We became more than friends, we became sisters.

I was thinking of how I could pay back her friendship. Her birthday was the perfect day to do something memorable. I wanted to do something will make her feel special more than a surprise. Then I had the crazy idea of making a video! While shooting the movie, I discovered that I have talent in editing and directing. My gift.”

Do you have a special story of love from your time at Kaplan? We'd love to hear from you!

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