Life @ Kaplan: Movember - The Art of Not Shaving

It's November, and many of you will know what that means: it's the time when guys have the excuse to shave only 90% of their faces, and begin growing the most manly facial accessory: the moustache.

Kaplanites all over the world have embraced Movember, and have begun growing their moustaches in support of this cause. We even have a Kaplan Network Page on Within the network are lots of different teams - one for each school, and one for us here at Kaplan International Colleges HQ - The Tache Mahals:

The Kaplan Tache-Mahals

Why Are We Doing This?

For charity! Movember was started in Australia as a way of raising awareness about cancers that only affect men - specifically testicular and prostate cancers. Since people usually don't rock a moustache on its own, it's a great way to draw attention to your face and these issues.

You can support your school's team at by making a donation - either to a specific team or to an individual. The Kaplan Network has collectively raised £1,153 ($1829 USD, AUD$1753) since the start of November!

I'm not going to lie to you: this has turned into a little bit of a competition.

Top Fundraisers (Individuals)

  1. Paul Auccin (Australia) - £167
  2. Matt Tamolin (UK) - £107
  3. Phil Duncan (UK) - £75

Top Fundraisers (Teams)

  1. The Kaplan Tache Mahals (KIC HQ) - £404
  2. KIC Perth - £268
  3. Kaplan Open Learning - £217

The Rules

Here in the Kaplan office, we decided to make everything official.  So we have a few rules:

  • Each participant must have been clean shaven on November 1 (no head starts!). You then have to grow a moustache.
  • If you shave it off before the end of November because your girlfriend doesn't like it, you have to hand your Man Card in at reception.

So it's not really a competition - it's just for a good cause, and it's not too late to join in! The only thing that's important is that that we raise some awareness and money for a good cause. And also that here at KIC HQ...

I'm winning

*Moustaches image by Blush Printables - some rights reserved.

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