Life @ Kaplan: Student Spotlight, Oxford

One of our Oxford students shared her experience during 3 weeks studying English, seeing the city, meeting friends from around the world and discovering the city's secret hideaways.

Join us on a whirlwind tour of her time in England!

My name is Olga and I’m originally from Belarus. I spent 3 exciting weeks in Oxford. I really enjoyed the diverse social program and tried to join in for all the activities.

I enjoyed a vibrant atmosphere of the Music Club and a beautiful sunshine while pedalling on the river. I learned new things by visiting University Colleges, tried some delicious food in different restaurants and enjoyed traditional English ale in a cozy pub.

Olga and the Oxford students braved the rain for some quality time outdoors.

In my last week there was an Open Day at the University of Oxford and we joined tours around the Colleges and saw not only touristic parts but also students rooms, dining halls and students bars. It was a very interesting experience, especially as my daughter is going to the University next year.

Some colleges have amazing gardens and we spent some time relaxing on the grass and enjoying students and visitors buzzing about while we ate nuts, drank juice and shared our experiences.

Olga and some of her classmates at New College

I like that the social program is well-suited for young and mature students and I met many nice and interesting people by joining the activities. I love Oxford very much and I hope to come back here again. And the shopping is also great!

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