Life @ Kaplan: Students Speak about Bournemouth

Bournemouth, in England is a seaside town with 7 miles beautiful sand beaches. (Not only do we think so, but Trip Advisor users agree! Bournemouth was voted the best beach in the UK and 4th in Europe!)

It's easy, however, to think that the only fun thing to do when you study in Bournemouth is go to the beach, but our students think otherwise! 

Here's what two Kaplan students have to say about some of the other attractions and life in Bournemouth.

Olesia Rosenko, Russia:

I will never forget this exciting trip to Brownsea Island. To reach this wonderful place you should take a ferry, and in 5 minutes you are there. At first, we saw a beautiful castle, a field called Church Field with a family of peacocks, peahens and peachicks, which we fed by hand. It was incredible!

Then we decided to go for a walk through the island. This trip took 1 hour and a half but nobody was thinking about the time.

When we went down to the coastal beach, we saw a couple of swans – a symbol of loyalty for people. Our group made so many beautiful pictures at the Daffodil Field, enjoyed stunning coastal views and walks, discovered secluded lawns perfect for picnics and even saw a Red Squirrel – one of the main sights of the island, which is home to a thriving population of this scarce and threatened squirrel.

This magic island, full of wildlife, history and adventure is really worth visiting!

From Achilles, Spain: 

I want to say that the teachers I have are really concerned about our learning – and that’s great.

They also show an interest in how you feel as a
student and how you’re doing in the class. I like this because it’s very important for students to be encouraged by their teachers, to be told that they’re doing OK.

On another subject, what I like is to look around and get an idea of the place I’m in, which is of course Bournemouth.

I went to St Peter’s Church, in the centre of town, just to look around and maybe take some photos. But it was closed, so I walked around the church and found myself in a cemetery!

I found out later that this is where Mary Shelley is buried. She wrote the story of Frankenstein which is very famous. The first time I was a bit nervous because of the graves and the big black crows. It was a bit creepy!

Would you study in Bournemouth? Have you ever been there? What's your favorite beach town? Let us know in comments!

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