[email protected] Kaplan: Matteus' Kaplan Experience at Covent Garden

Today we learn all about Matteus' Kaplan experience at Covent Garden, and discover his motivations for studying English.   

I decided to study with Kaplan because a friend of mine studied with Kaplan and said it was the best place to learn English.

My biggest motivation for studying English is because I want to move out of Brazil. English is an international language that is spoken by many countries, which makes it easier to communicate with other people.

After I’ve finished studying I plan on getting a job in London, or going back to Brazil and finding a job and learning another language.

Other than improving my English, my favourite part about studying with Kaplan has been my relationship with my new friends and teachers. The teachers have made me feel so comfortable and welcome, and it has been really easy to make nice friends.

My Kaplan experience has been better than I thought it would be as I have made great friends. I didn’t realise that London was so multi-cultural – it helped me to feel at home and settle in quickly.

Before I came to study at Kaplan I was very nervous as it was the first time I’ve ever left Brazil. I miss the food in my country, but I don’t feel homesick or miss home as I have made nice friends. The people here are very kind and open minded compared to Brazil.

The best piece of advice I would give to future students is to go with the flow and to explore the city. It’s hard not to feel at home here if you explore the city and get used to the transportation. 

The best thing about my Kaplan Experience has been the classes. They’re always funny and make learning English fun.

I love everything about living in London. If I had to choose, I would say I love the attractions most - the beautiful parks, free museums and wonderful landmarks.

Learning English with Kaplan will help me with my future goal of leaving Brazil and living in an English speaking country. Apart from teaching me English, it has opened my eyes to the world and a new vision. Living in Brazil is like living in a bubble, whereas London is so liberal and open minded.

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