[email protected]: Keep Calm & Enjoy Salisbury

This is second of a four-part monthly series of blog posts written by students in Kaplan Salisbury. Find part 1 here.

By CJ, from Korea

Have you ever been to or seen Salisbury?  If you have, you are lucky.  Have you ever imagined living in the countryside in the UK?  If you have, listen.  Do you want a quiet and calm city instead of a crowded big city?  If you do, I’m sure you’ll like Salisbury when you finish this article.

First, Salisbury is in the countryside.  And it’s really relaxing, quiet and peaceful.  There are a lot of old buildings, nice cafés and traditional English pubs.  Furthermore, every weekend there’s a market where you can buy some fresh local meat and vegetables.

Secondly, the most attractive point of studying in KIC Salisbury is ‘familiarity’.  The school is so small that every student and teacher is like a family member.  So, we can focus on studying more than in a big city.  Besides, not only are there fewer students of the same nationality but also the size of the class isn’t big.  That means it’s really good to practice speaking English.  Are you afraid of speaking only English?  If you are, you don’t need to worry about that because of the teachers.  They are so friendly and helpful that I’ve never worried about speaking English.

salisbury marketplace All in all, I’ve been enjoying studying at KIC Salisbury very much.  I’d recommend this school 100% if my friends were considering studying abroad.  I am so glad that I’ve been studying English in KIC Salisbury.Do we study all day?  The answer is of course not.  The school is located near the city centre, close to the busy market, Salisbury Cathedral and many traditional local pubs, so we can drink in traditional English pubs with friends.  Besides, the location of Salisbury is quite good to get to big cities like Bournemouth, Southampton and London.  So, we usually go shopping or travelling whenever we want.


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