[email protected]: Interview - The Multicultural Side of Sydney

Australia is a great place to learn English and enjoy a friendly and welcoming culture.

Dmitry, who studied at our Sydney school in Australia, shared his feelings on studying in Sydney, his Kaplan experience and how his language has improved. Find out more about what our students and teachers have said about their Kaplan Experience in Australia!

What were you doing before you studied at Kaplan?
I worked in a B2B communications company. I was Head of Press, so in that time I spoke to journalists, members of the government and a lot of different personalities. Our company has a lot of international shareholders and for that reason it’s important that my English improves.

What do you like about Sydney?
It is a beautiful place. It is multicultural. I have a lot of friends from Italy, Germany, Venezuela and Colombia. I have tried lots of different food here, for example, I had my first curry here in Sydney. In my country, it’s rare to have food from abroad. Sydney has lots of activities you can do. I’ve tried surfing and the weather is great.  I will have the memory of Sydney for the rest of my life.

How did you find out about Kaplan?
Kaplan has a really good reputation and when I found about it, I asked my friends who studied at Kaplan in the UK. There were good reviews everywhere. It’s the best place for people who want to study business.

What’s the social program like here?
In my first month I travelled with other students to Melbourne, Newcastle and Blue Mountains. The school doesn’t just think about education, but your free time. You should use your language skills in real life and it’s easy to do that in Sydney.

What differences have you noticed in your English skills since studying here?
I love travelling and before it was hard for me, because I couldn’t speak English well. Now I can speak a little bit better. Before I could speak English, there was a wall between me and another world. After studying English, that wall has disappeared for me now.

How would you describe your Kaplan Experience?
It has been a very happy experience. I started at lower intermediate and I finished at higher intermediate after four months. The experience overall will stay with me for the rest of my life as in the future I will speak much better English.



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