[email protected]: Interview with Hazel, Social Media Team

In today's interview, we find out a bit more about Hazel, the person behind Kaplan's facebook and twitter. Learn about some of her history, her favorite things about working in social media, and what makes Kaplan students so special. 

I have been working at Kaplan and in social media for the last 18 months. It has gone by so quickly! Before this, I still worked in marketing for a previous company, but the role was a lot broader, so I did a bit of everything - but even then I was obsessed with social media and blogging and enjoyed working in these areas the most.

What’s your favorite aspect of working in social media?

I love the community aspect; being able to talk to our students and fans all the time. It's a great insight into what happens at the schools and I feel like I'm sharing their experience.

What’s your favorite part of working at Kaplan?

The people. There are lots of different nationalities in the Online Marketing department and it is so much fun. We all socialise together inside and outside of work. Because the team is from different places around the world, I feel like I learn so much from everyone. Of course there is the professional side too, I love social media and I think it's really important to have an interest in the work that you do. I honestly enjoy waking up every morning and coming into the office!

How many languages can you speak? Which ones?

I can speak English ( the British version haha!) and French.

Where are you from?

I was born in London and have lived here for most of my life! My family are all from London too.

Have you ever lived in another country? Have you ever studied a language in another country? 

I have indeed! My degree was in French, so I have lived in France twice. The first time was when I was still a student and I spent a year in Bordeaux. It was one of the best experiences of my life. Living abroad helps you to become so much more confident and you get to see a whole new culture and way of living. I made friends there who are still some of my best friends today. A few years later I moved to Paris for a marketing internship. I stayed at that job for two years before moving back to London and starting at Kaplan.

Which is your favorite city in the world?

I'm biased, but it's London for many reasons; I love how every area has something different to offer and the people are so diverse. There is always so much to do here, in terms of night life, culture, parks, museums, fashion, restaurants and markets. I am a huge shopaholic, so the city has all the shops I need! I am also a massive geek and love London Underground. I do love to travel however and would definitely say that Barcelona and Bordeaux are two cities close to my heart.

Have you ever learned anything from talking with our students or potential students online?

Yes, I learn so much from them, from really serious topics, like why they chose to study a language, to fun stuff, like who their celebrity crushes are! I have spoken to lots of past students as well and I'm always really happy to see that most of them go on to stay friends with each other after their courses have finished. Friendship is probably what our students talk about or share photos of on social media.

Which is your favorite social media platform to use?

When it comes to personal use, I'm old school and am still loyal to Facebook. When I'm at work, I like using Twitter to talk to people and to share our awesome blog posts.

Hazel also throws great costume parties!

Which do you think is the best one for someone who is interested in practising a new language?

That's a great question. I would say YouTube. There are so many useful and practical guides on how to learn English. It's especially useful for speaking and listening skills. If our readers are interested in learning more, I've written a blog post with suggestions of my favourite videos.

What is the coolest or most interesting story that you’ve ever heard about from one of our students?

We once had a student who said he was going to get the hashtag #KaplanExperience on his arm. If he does that, he will become instantly the coolest person that I have ever spoken to! In all seriousness though, I once started speaking to a former Venezuelan student called Adan, and his life had really changed after studying with us in Washington. He found a great job, he met his girlfriend and he made lots of friends who he travels the world to see.  He is just an ordinary former student, but for me, he represented all the wonderful things that can happen to someone who studies abroad.

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