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Although the most important part of your time at Kaplan is of course improving your English language skills, fun social activities also play a big role in your Kaplan Experience. Particularly at our Young Learner centres where our courses involve a unique learning system and structured activities program, the social activities you take part are designed to help you to make friends, improve your language skills, and most importantly, for you to have FUN. From sports games and t-shirt making, to discos and bingo, our social activities are the best around.

Ever wondered what the social activities at Kaplan are really like? Then check out our Kaplan Experience at our Young Learner Centre in Torquay.

According to Torquay’s activity leader Alice, many of the Young Learner students at Kaplan love to play tennis. A few times a week the activity leaders will take a group of students to the local sports centre, and give the students a chance to practice their tennis, badminton and football skills, and play against their friends.

One of the most popular excursions with the students while they are studying in Torquay is Kents Cavern. For thousands of years the pre-historic caves housed ancient humans and wild animals, many of whom died within the caves. A visit to the cave involves a guided walk through the extensive labyrinth of cavens, and a detailed look into the many animal bones and remains that were found within the caves, with animals including anything from wild tigers to bears.

For those that prefer less active activities, the Young Learner’s t-shirt designing competition is very popular. All student’s are given a blank t-shirt, and are encouraged to decorate their t-shirt in whatever way they want – from drawing to writing or even painting, the students are encouraged to be as creative (and colourful) as possible. Once the t-shirts are finished, they are presented at Friday evening’s disco, and the students choose their top 3 winners who all win a prize.

The most popular activity at Torquay’s Young Learner centre is Friday night’s bingo and BBQ. Every Friday night after lessons have finished, the Kaplan Young Learners are invited back to the school, where they are served a selection of BBQ food, and are entertained by a local magician. After the magician, a game of bingo begins, followed by music and dancing. As you can see by the pictures, the evening is very popular amongst the students, and is often described as the ‘favourite part’ of many of our Young Learner’s Kaplan Experience.

Be sure to let us know what your favourite activity is in the comments below.

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