[email protected]: Meet the staff at Kaplan!

During an Academic Semester or Year, Kaplan students will get to know all the staff members who work at the school from the team at reception to the Director of Studies, the Social Program Manager to Accommodation Manager, the teaching staff and of course their Principal! We travelled up to Bath to meet the staff at Kaplan and find out how they see long term students develop.

The Principal has overall responsibility for the school’s operations.

Mark is the Principal at Kaplan Bath
Mark is the Principal at Kaplan Bath

Reception/Student Services Assistant
Student Services and the reception staff are on hand to help students with the everyday things that they might need, like their registration forms on their first day, giving students’ information on where to go and how to open their bank accounts.

Accommodation Manager
Every school has a dedicated Accommodation Manager to help with all aspects of their stay. Students can come to me with all their questions about their homestay or residences throughout their time at Kaplan. Some long term students stay with their hosts throughout and become really confident in speaking to them in English and adapting to their home life. Other students want to make changes from host to host or host to residence or residence to host if they are here for a long time.

A teachers's responsibility is to identify their students' needs based on their reasons for coming to study at Kaplan. Having done this, they plan, build and deliver study programmes to suit them. 

Mel is the school's Social Program Manager
Mel is the school's Social Program Manager

Social Program Manager
During a student’s Academic Semester or Year, a Social Program Manager will organise a variety of different trips and activities to help students adapt to into the UK culture, meet other people and provide extra opportunities to practice English Long term students tend to get quite confident at organising things themselves.  They also often end up being a kind of social centre for a group and make friends with people even outside of school!

Blended Learning Specialist
As well as learning inside the classroom, students will also be able to take part in study groups, which are led by dedicated members of Kaplan staff. Something we notice is that students become adept at learning outside the classroom.  Students studying long term courses socialise much more with friends they've made through K+ Club and the social program.

Lara is the Student Services Manager and Bath's UPS Advisor
Lara is the Student Services Manager and Bath's UPS Advisor

Student Services/University Placement Service Advisor
Students will have lots of interactions with their Student Services Manager. I deal with day to day queries with our students such as compliance and visa issues. Long term students are often looking to study at university after their course has finished. Every Kaplan school has a dedicated University Placement Service officer who is there to help them with the application process.


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