[email protected]: Kaplan Music Stars

Music is a universal passion that unites everyone. No matter what your musical taste, everyone has a favourite band, song, musician or album. In our survey, we discovered that 80% of students use music to help them learn English. 

We've discovered that lots of students themselves are musical and have been displaying their talents at our Kaplan schools.

Here are some of our favourite Kaplan Music Stars:

Kaplan Philadelphia:

Kaplan Philadelphia held a competition to find the best singer in their school. The winners were  Ji Young and Hyun Ju.

Kaplan Dublin

Students from Dublin have lots of eager musicians and host regular "Kaplan Sessions". This video is of student  Carol Boas and was filmed at the school.

Kaplan Irvine

At Kaplan Irvine, it's not just the students who are keen musicians! This is a video of Ann, one of the staff members at Kaplan Irvine, who played a song especially for students who were graduating that week.

Do you play a musical instrument? What's your favourite music to help you to learn English?

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