[email protected]: Young Violinist Wows Salisbury

In March, Kaplan Salisbury student Sandra Carolina played violin alongside the Young Persons Orchestra at Salisbury Cathedral. We spoke to her about her love of music and how playing the violin has helped her to learn English.

Sandra has been playing the violin for 5 years
Sandra has been playing the violin for 5 years

How did you find Kaplan and what made you choose us?

From friends in Colombia who had been to Kaplan Bournemouth. Kaplan were the fastest to respond to me.

Would you recommend Kaplan to friends back home? 

Yes because it’s a good experience, and you can meet new people and learn about different cultures.

Why did you choose Salisbury?

There were less Spanish speaking students, so I knew I'd could practice my English and I was looking for a smaller town because it’s easier and safer for me.

What English level did you start at, and what level are you now?

I started at Elementary, and now I am at Higher Intimidate. I am studying for 6 months.

What do you think about the education Kaplan is giving you?

The people here are friendly and helpful and I am improving my English. My lessons are interesting because the teachers are good, and the environment is pleasant in the classroom, and this helps me to improve.

What do you think about your teachers?

I’ve had 5 teachers, they have all been helpful and the classes are all creative.

Do you think the English you have learned has been helpful to you?

Yes, it’s been very helpful to communicate with my host family, and when I am travelling, or when asking people for directions. It’s practical.

How long have you been playing the violin?

5 years.

How was your show at Salisbury Cathedral? How did you feel?

Very excited because I was playing with different people in a very nice venue. It’s something I will always remember and it was my first concert outside Colombia. I have never played in such a large theater!

How did you prepare before the show?

I went to the rehearsals and practiced at home. I practice every Friday with the orchestra here but in Colombia I practice most days for 1 hour.

Do you play in concerts at home in Colombia?

Yes, every month with my hometown orchestra, Batuta Barrancabermeja

If someone wants advice about how to get better at playing their instrument, what would you tell them to do?

Just to practice as much as possible by yourself and then go to an orchestra to play with everyone in harmony.

Have you made any friends in the Salisbury Area Young Musicians club?

Yes they are very nice but we only meet at orchestra practice and I always talk with the person next to me.

Does being with the music club help you practice your English?

Yes it does, but it’s difficult to talk a lot during practice.

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Are you a musical person? If so, do you find that music helps you to learn another language?

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