[email protected]: Salisbury, a Family Experience

This is fourth of a five-part monthly series of blog posts written by students in Kaplan Salisbury. Read part 1part 2, and part 3

By Eric and Laura, from France,  and Carlotta from Italy

kaplan salisbury Learning another language is vital and choosing the best place for that is crucial!  So you want to learn English and look for a school? You definitely need to go to Kaplan Salisbury.

Students of some other schools would say "your school is small". That's right! There are only a few students here and a few teachers.  But that way, we all get to know each other. We are all part of a large family.

And if you need anything, if there is something you didn't understand, if you have trouble learning “Shakespeare's” language, you'll surely find a teacher around to help you personally or a friend to assist you. In the end, it's not very surprising to notice that Kaplan Salisbury is the 4th Kaplan School in the world for academic satisfaction.

kaplan salisbury Small school, small city but what a city!  This medieval town is a jewel nested in the English countryside. You will enjoy losing yourself in the narrow streets of this city filled with history and, of course, pubs, in case you get thirsty.  And still, if you aren't convinced of the beauty of Salisbury, climb the stairs of the highest spire of England.  By the time you lean over thousands years of history from the top of the cathedral, you will start reconsidering your judgement!

Thus, the attraction of this charming city and the closeness of the students in Kaplan Salisbury make this school the right place to be to enjoy learning English in the UK.

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