[email protected]: Learning to Ski in Chicago

Oskarina, a Venezuelan student at our downtown Chicago school, told us about her first time skiing, on a trip with fellow students and staff, organized by Kaplan. She told us about herself and what she thinks about Chicago and skiing.

Oskarina tried out skiing for the first time!

My course is intensive and it is for six months. I want to stay for more time but I need to go back to my country Venezuela, because I´m going to start my university.

I decided to take English lessons in Chicago, because Chicago is a really good place where you can do many things, such as go to the lake to relax, learn about culture in the museums, ride bikes with your friends in Millennium Park and on Navy Pier, besides I really like the architecture in Chicago. This awesome city has a lot of interesting building such as the Willis Tower, the John Hancock Tower, Trump Tower...

I think that my school is really awesome. First, because it has a good staff. You can ask something and they will help with everything, I can even ask about restaurant’s recommendations, really they're good friends. Second, my school is located on the most important avenue in Chicago, Michigan Avenue. Also, the school is close to the River Walk, Millennium Park and many stores to go shopping. Third, Kaplan Chicago has good teachers and any person can learn a lot. I really enjoy my experience in Chicago.

The best part about studying in Chicago is improving my English with friends worldwide, and with them I can do many fun activities that Chicago give us. Studying in Kaplan Chicago is a good experience where I can meet many people of different countries and learn about different cultures that I didn't know.

Striking a pose on the slopes.

How was the skiing trip to Galena, Illinois?

It was amazing. It was a really good activity and a new experience for me. This activity is awesome because I did not just enjoy doing it but you can also interact with new people that you didn't know. I enjoyed a lot with my friends, it was my first time so I took a ski lesson and later I knew a lot. Everybody was talking, laughing in the bus, so the journey was short. It was a good winter activity.

Did you ski or snowboard? Was this your first time or had you tried it before?

This was my first time. I took a ski class because I didn't know how to do it.

The skiing was amazing, I think that skiing is easier that snowboarding. Yes, I fell many times, but just in the start, later I felt more comfortable and safe. I like the speed of this sport, it is awesome.

I want to go skiing again, It is a really awesome sport.

Getting ready to ski!

Was it a very cold day? I know it's been a cold and snowy winter this year. How are you handling it? 

No, the weather was cool. I admit that this winter was extreme, but I like cold and the snow because this is new for me. Besides I enjoy having dinner or going to a coffee place after class with my friends, I just recommend that everybody has to have a good jacket, scarf, boots to feel comfortable.

What will you remember about the day?

My best memory was learning a new sport  and improving my English doing a fun activity with my friends.

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