[email protected]: The May #KaplanExperience Interview

Every week, Kaplan International offers $100 to spend on Amazon for the best #KaplanExperience photo taken by a student, which has been shared on Instagram.

This month, we'd like to introduce you to Honori, from Japan, who studied at Kaplan L.A Whittier. Honori made lots of new friends during her #KaplanExperience and took photos to keep the memories for a lifetime.

Honori's winning photo
Honori's winning photo

1)      What’s the story behind your winning photo?

Me and my friends were taking a photo of the last moments of our Kaplan experience. We wanted to have a great lasting memory of our time there.

2) What was your favourite thing about your #KaplanExperience? 

Everything I did with my friends but especially Halloween. Everyone at the school got dressed up!

3) What advice would you give to students starting at Kaplan? 

Just talk with your friends in English and enjoy every single second!

4) What did you do after studying? 

I have been working with using English at a restaurant and now I became a student who studies English and Spanish at college in Japan.

5) What are you going to buy with your winnings? 

I am going to buy something nice for my parents :)

Are you a student at Kaplan? Do you use Instagram? Remember to include the hashtag #KaplanExperience and you could win $100 in Amazon vouchers.

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