[email protected]: Welcome to our new Kaplan San Diego School

Last month, Kaplan San Diego moved to a brand new location in the exciting downtown area in the Gaslamp District:

In this video, Jay from South Korea, Tina from Switzerland, and Sulaiman from Saudi Arabia take you on a tour of new Kaplan San Diego English School and talk about the teachers at the school and how they help you learn English:

There are lots of brand new facilities in the complex. There are computers in the multimedia center along with learning software for Kaplan San Diego students’ use:

There is also a prayer room and outdoor patio for student use at the center:

The school has a busy schedule of activities each month including weekend trips to San Francisco, Las Vegas and Los Angeles. There are also days at Balboa Park and the famous San Diego Zoo, and the ocean is within easy reach!

If you'd like to read more information about Kaplan San Diego, you can visit the school's webpage. You can also talk to students and staff on the school's Facebook page.

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