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This is first of a four-part monthly series of blog posts written by students in Kaplan Salisbury.

By Zulfa, from Oman

Salisbury is a peaceful and quiet city located in the south of England, in a county called Wiltshire and Kaplan International College Salisbury is located near the center of the town, so it’s very easy for students to reach their daily demands at any time. The school is located on a hill on Fowler’s Road and consists of a middle-sized building with a large green garden, which gives the school the advantage of hosting many activities, especially in the school’s large garden.

The lessons are arranged in a clever way so that they suit all students and keep them interested in the lessons. For instance, we have a coffee break between our first two lessons and also we have a lunch break between our morning and afternoon classes. The studies at Kaplan Salisbury are very interesting. We learn English in many ways by watching movies, documentary films, solving puzzles and many other fun ways. Well, don't get me wrong, we do a lot of serious work too!

The teachers are very friendly and kind. Furthermore, they are very creative and they always amaze us by their variety of interesting activities to keep us interested in their lessons. The teachers are also willing to help me and other students and guide us whenever we need them.

The Kaplan language school in Salisbury also has many hard working staff.  For instance, Mandy Lynch, who is the Vice Principal, Jane Wright, who is the Accommodation and Welfare Manager, Sian Taylor, who is the Students Services Manager, Julian Lewis who is the Director of Studies, Jane Lewis, who is the Exams Administrator and a teacher at the same time, Jane Price, who is the Structured Study Coordinator and the person who is responsible for the Study Center and a teacher too and, finally, Luke Donohue, who is the Social Program Manager.

All in all, if you are new and want to get started in United Kingdom to study English, I would highly recommend Salisbury, as it is a small town with friendly and kind people who are willing to help you any time. I mean, if you are lost and they see you holding a map you don't have to ask for help - people might ask you! What else do you want?! Salisbury, the town where kindness and hospitality goes to new high extremes.

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