[email protected]: Work and Study in Canada

Today we have an interview with Josiane and Heberth, two students from Brazil. They both took part in Kaplan's Work and Study program in Vancouver, Canada, for 8 weeks. Below are their experiences working and studying in Canada.

Josiane, where did you work?

J: I worked in a supermarket located in downtown Vancouver. Because of its location the venue was always busy during the weekdays, and weekends as well. Like every supermarket, this place sells every kind of groceries, bakery and produce. The open hours are between 8:00 am until 12:00 am every day.

Heberth, what was a typical work day for you?

H: Stocking up the store, helping customers, cash register, and cleaning up at the end of the day.

What was your favorite thing about work?

J: The aspect that I liked most about my job was that as a cashier I was in constant contact with native people, and I could learn a bit more about Canadian corporate culture.

H: My coworkers.

What was most important to be successful at your position?

H: It was very important to be sociable and interact with both coworkers
and customers.

How did you find working with your manager and team?

J: Usually the managers talked to me, especially the owner, who was constantly asking me about my school and my progress in English.

How did your English improve?

J: At the beginning I was afraid to speak with Canadians, but at the end of my working experience I gained more confidence.

H: I was able to use English every day at work but improved most because I was still studying at the same time.

What did you think of the program overall?

J: It helped me to be more confident to speak. My listening and vocabulary improved as well. For the effectiveness of this program, it is essential that students grab every opportunity to speak and socialize.

H: It’s a good way to learn English and make some money during your stay in Canada.


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