Luisa tells us all about her US study adventure with Kaplan International

For over 40 years, Kaplan International Colleges have used our experience and expertise to help students from all over the world meet their English language learning goals.

We’re always glad to hear what our students have to say about how much they’ve enjoyed their time at one of Kaplan’s English schools, like this letter, sent to us by Luisa from Italy:

Hello everyone!

I’m happy to have the chance to tell you about my experiences with Kaplan International Colleges.

Last August, I left my home in Italy to travel to the US for a One-to-One English language tuition course with Kaplan. It was my third visit to the US and I chose two cities I’d never seen before.

My first stop was Chicago…

I’d been really fascinated by the city, as it fully immerses you in history, art and nature. For me, the presence of the River and Lake Michigan made Chicago a very attractive destination.

Kaplan’s Chicago School is very conveniently located just a few minutes walk from Michigan Avenue, which I visited most days. The school is above a Dunkin’ Donuts Coffee shop and other useful services such as a branch of the Western Union bank and is very big, with spacious, well laid-out rooms.

On the first day at the Chicago School, after a short test, Kaplan staff provided a fun lunch with free pizza so students could get to know each other better. In the afternoon, I was given a Student Card which gave me discounts in many different places all over the city.

After Chicago I went to Miami…

…The magical Miami! I guess everyone’s hear of South Beach, or SoBe, the place where you can have fun every single day of the year, but in real life it’s even better than you imagine!

Gazing from the skyscrapers to the ocean, I was overwhelmed by Miami’s energy; everyone is so friendly and outgoing that you really feel at home here. Kaplan’s Miami School is located in Coral Gables, an easy 30-40 minute journey from SoBe. The Miami institute, like the Chicago School, is large, modern and clean and provides useful Wi-fi Internet access for free. In front of the school is a big shopping mall with a large variety of shops. I recommend taking the Free Trolley service from just outside Kaplan’s Miami school to admire the interesting residential area of Coral Gables.

At night, Miami becomes the home of…fun!!! Even on a Monday or Sunday, Ocean Drive and Lincoln Road were still crowded with people; you can choose to walk around exploring the shops or stay inside a club and dance all night!

I really enjoyed my time in both those two Cities and I’m glad I chose to study with Kaplan. It was without doubt one of the best experiences of my life and my English has REALLY improved.

I met a lot of friendly people and am pleased to still be in touch with several teachers. They were always well prepared and every lesson was different. In my case, following a flexible One-to-One course with Kaplan meant I had the opportunity to choose which topics to study in more depth with my teacher, to better meet my needs.

Nowadays, there are a lot of ESL Schools for International Students and I contacted many of them to get information before my trip, but I believe Kaplan is the best…in fact I recommend it to EVERYONE!!!

Thanks for reading,


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