[email protected]: The Kaplan Experience Friendships

As the Social Media Assistant for Kaplan, I have the very lucky job of talking to students all day on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

One of the main themes or conversations I have with students is about friendship. It would seem that no matter what country or school our students belong to, friendship, and making new friends, always plays a big part in their Kaplan experience.

Here are some photos of these new friendships taken by our students:

Wael, London

Edward, Chicago IIT

Carmen, Dublin

Estafana, NYC

Marielisa, NYC 

Mayra, Boston

Patricia, Bournemouth

Nathaly, Manchester

Paty, Chicago

Jorge, London

Do you have any photos of you and your friends at Kaplan? We'd love to see them!

If you'd like to see more photos taken by our students, please search for the #KaplanExperience hashtag on Instagram.

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