Meeting Paris Hilton

Imagine hanging out after class with your friends, leaving school when you spot someone you recognize.

"Excuse me!" You yell.

"Are you Paris Hilton?"

"For you, yes baby. "

As hard as it might be to imagine, it actually happened to eight Kaplan students in Los Angeles, right outside of the school.

Kaplan Los Angeles students meet Paris Hilton
Spot the celeb! Kaplan students meet a local in LA.

Luiz Schiphorst, from Brazil, was one of the first people to spot her. "I was on my phone with my Mom, and I was skateboarding and I saw Paris Hilton walking towards me. I thought "'Oh my god, is that Paris Hilton?'"

Victoria, also from Brazil, decided it was worth finding out. "Paris Hilton!" she yelled.

"I said she was 'beautiful and amazing!' and I asked her if I could take a picture with her," Mazen, from Saudi Arabia, told us. "After that all of my friends ran up to take a picture with her."

Luiz also got a photo with Paris. "I asked her if she has been to Brazil and she said she was going for the World Cup, and I said can you please make one Snapchat with me, and so we did one."

"She was carrying some stuff," Mazen said, "and I asked her if I could help carry her packages, and she said 'Oh, thank you, so cute!'"

Luiz, who is studying General English with Kaplan for 6 months, said he felt confident enough in his English to speak to Paris. There aren't many better ways to find out if you can speak a language than by practicing with a celebrity, especially one as gracious as Paris Hilton.

Kaplan Los Angeles students meet Paris Hilton
Mazen, Mohammad and Victoria with Paris Hilton

Mazen said that during his time studying in LA, he's seen a few other celebrities, including rapper Flo Rida, and Rihanna. "I told her I loved her and she said 'Me too!'"

Mazen and Luiz shared their feelings about studying in Westwood with Kaplan, as well.

"The best thing about studying with Kaplan is the mix of nationalities, and of course Jon (the school director), Scott (social organizer), Lena  and Maggie the teacher, and getting to study with (World Cup singer) Claudia Leitte from Brazil!" (Find out more about Claudia Leitte studying English with Kaplan in our video interview with her.)

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