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Music is the universal language, so it’s no wonder that it is such a fundamental part of our day-to-day lives. We listen to music on our commute to work and get catchy bits of songs stuck in our heads throughout the day. It connects us to each other, to our culture and to our own language. But how does this enthusiasm embed itself into our every day English?

Music idioms are more common than you probably realize. An idiom is a group of words with a figurative translation, which is defined by context, culture and history. If you’re just learning English, the meaning of these phrases may not be immediately clear, but you’ll quickly catch on when you learn how to use them in the correct context. So how many music idioms do you already know? Let’s find out!


Change your tune

Music idioms – change your tune

Meaning: This idiom is used to refer to the act of changing your opinion on something completely, especially if that thing is suddenly working to your advantage.


Clean as a whistle

Music idioms – clean as a whistle

Meaning: Someone who is clean as a whistle is well behaved and doesn’t get involved in illegal activity.

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Face the music

Music idioms – face the music

Meaning: Probably the most ominous idiom of the bunch, this one is used to refer to someone receiving a punishment or accepting the unpleasant results of their actions.


Music to my ears

Music idioms – music to my ears

Meaning: Referring to something as music to your ears means that it is something you are pleased to hear.


Toot one’s own horn

Music idioms – toot one's own horn

Meaning: This phrase is used when someone is boasting proudly about his or her own achievements or success, which can be frowned up on in some cultures.


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