Fun Facts: New Dictionary Words

Learning English is fun but it can also be difficult. Sometimes it is hard to keep track of new words. Luckily, the Oxford English Dictionary is updated four times a year.

New words are officially added every March, June, September, and December. Here are five of our favorite new entries. There are also examples of how you can use them.


Definition: A term for a resident of Nova Scotia. Nova Scotia is a province of Canada and is located almost exactly halfway between the Equator and the North Pole.

Example: My friend Robert is from Nova Scotia. He loves his hometown. Robert is a proud Bluenoser.

Credit: CBC News


Definition: Boastful or arrogant

Example: Hazel is braggadocious. She keeps saying that she is the most popular person on Facebook.



Definition: To remove (a person) from a list of friends, or contacts, on a social-networking website.

Example: I had to defriend Hazel because she was always boasting about how good she was on Facebook.

Credit: Rotten Ecards


Definition: Sugar-coated milk chocolate buttons, sold in a variety of bright colours, typically in packets or cardboard tubes. (UK only)

Example: My favourite chocolates are Smarties. They are really delicious. I especially like the blue ones.

Credit: Wikipedia


Definition: Someone who is so clever that they are able to quickly come up with the correct answer.

Example: Martin is so whip-smart. He managed to explain how to solve the problem immediately. I wish I was as whip-smart as Martin.

Mr Clever

What do you think to these new words? Are there any that you use already? Do you use English words that are not in the dictionary? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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