Fun Facts: New Dictionary Words 2015

Several times a year, new dictionary words are added to the English language. The Oxford English Dictionary remains one of the most important collections of English words, phrases and meanings.

We’ve selected a few of the best new words that have been added to the dictionary in 2015. Why not try using some of these in conversation?

Earworm (noun)

Definition: A very catchy song or piece of music that gets stuck in your head.

Example: “Have you heard the new song by Sam Smith? It’s a real earworm.”

Did you know DJ Earworm creates a mashup (a mix) of all the year's most popular and catchy songs? Here's his 2014 creation; how many earworms do you recognize?

Laters (interjection)

Definition: An informal way to say goodbye to someone, originally derived from ‘see you later’.

Example: “Have a good evening, Francis.” “Laters.”

Look-see (verb)

Definition: A quick look or an informal inspection at something.

Example: “I’m going to have a look-see online to see if there are any good shows on tonight.”

Lookalike (noun)

Definition: Someone who bears a strong resemblance – someone who looks like – another person, usually a celebrity.

Example: “I hired a Bruce Springsteen lookalike for Tom’s birthday party, I hope he likes it.”

New Dictionary Words: Captain Jack Sparrow Lookalike
Would you be fooled by this Captain Jack Sparrow lookalike?

Pollutable (adjective)

Definition: Capable of being polluted.

Example: “Both the air and the sea are very pollutable.”

Do you already know and use any of these words in conversation? Let us know if you do by leaving a comment below. You can also read some of the best words that were added in 2014.

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