New Year's Eve in Sydney English Schools

Kaplan's Sydney School on NYE

If you are in Sydney for the New Year’s Eve, you really could not be in a better place.

Australians like a good party and celebration, so no wonder that they start celebrating the New Year from 5pm with an aerial show. Yes, you read it right: from 5pm! And where shall you be? In Sydney Harbour, where else?!

With seven fireworks barge you will not have a problem choosing a good location to see the display. Most tourists will make a go for the Sydney Cove, but unlike you they don’t have the Kaplan’s scoop where we advise you to make a go for the Royal Botanic Gardens and get your place by the edge of Farm Cove just by the Mrs. Macquarie’s point One of the closed areas for VIP’s is just beside this viewing point. But let’s keep that between ourselves, after all you don’t want your fireworks watching spot being to crowded!

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Public transport it’s a must on this night, with major roads around and in Sydney close, there will be plenty options of trains and ferries. The Mayor Office and Tourists boards do advise that it is better walking, so for those ladies reading this: forget your “Jimmy Choos” and take out really comfortable footwear.

For details on your journey, please check the Sydney travelling web site.

Remember: Enjoy, have fun but be safe! Whatever you do, please do send us your New Year’s photos to share with other Kaplan’s students. Find us on Facebook!

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