Idiomy muzyczne

Zapraszamy do poznania kolejnej porcji idiomów związanych z muzyką:

Elevator music - muzyka, którą się słyszy w windach, sklepach, itd: “Kevin hated going shopping in the mall. He was tired of all the elevator music!”
Ring a bell - kojarzyć : “Tina was sure that she had heard that music idiom before. It certainly did ring a bell!”
For a song - tanio: “Roy was selling his collection of toys very cheaply. They were going for a song!”
Like a broken record - gadać na okrągło: “Hazel was tired of listening to Rob talking about Manchester United all the time. He sounded just like a broken record!”
Blow your own trumpet - chwalić się ze swoich osiągnięć: “Chase’s boss told him to ‘blow his own trumpet‘ after he succeeded at work.”
Jam session: “Daryl and John got together in the studio for a jam session. They wanted to come up with some ideas for their new album.”
Call the tune - przejąć kontrolę nad czymś: “Juan was keen to call the tune at the meeting. He wanted to take control of the team.”
Blow the whistle - wydać kogoś: “Martin had to blow the whistle at work when he saw Hazel stealing from the stationary cupboard.”

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