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The IELTS exam gives students all over the world access to education at some of the world’s best academic institutions. Because passing this exam is essential for the academic success of many of our students, we have taken a closer look at our IELTS Preparation course at Kaplan International Oxford.

So far in 2014, 79 out of 81 of our Oxford students have achieved or surpassed their IELTS target level scores, with a third of these reaching a level six or higher.

It’s important that students have a well-rounded language learning experience that prepares them for much more than just the exam. A double-focus on general, everyday English and IELTS preparation means that students not only have an understanding of the exam, but also practical English they can use day-to-day and for the exam.

Kaplan students are also given access to the IELTS preparation area of K+ Tools, our exclusive online learning platform. This self-study part of the program is supervised by the class teacher, a senior teacher or study center manager, and is overseen by the Director of Studies.

We talked to some IELTS preparation students in Oxford about the course and their expectations.

Imad, from Algeria, plans to enroll in business school in London.

I have joined the IELTS Preparation course five weeks ago. Attending these classes helped me to improve a lot of indispensable techniques in different skills. For instance, in reading I have learnt how to skim and how to scan a text quickly. But the most important is that I have acquired the ability to structure my ideas in speaking and writing which is essential when you have an exam or an interview. Therefore, I am sure that I have made the correct decision when I decided to join this course.

Alejandro, from Colombia, is an electrical engineer who wants to study at Caltech in California.

It is funny to think about my first day in Kaplan when trying to express what I was thinking was a real challenge. I started my course as an intermediate student but I improved my speaking, reading, writing, listening and social skills quickly with my lessons and the help of my teachers a lot. I'm taking IELTS in a couple of weeks and I feel very confident about my progress. KIE Oxford have all the elements that you need to prepare for this exam.

I've been in the IELTS class for 2 months and I've learnt a lot about the structure of the exam, the techniques and strategies that I can use, such as skimming and scanning a text or how to organize my answers in a logical way. I've also done some mock exams, which helped me to discover those areas I had to improve. I strongly recommend to all of those students considering taking IELTS to join this school.

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