[email protected]: Klara and Annika Share Oxford Stories

Today's blog post was written by Klára from the Czech Republic and Annika from Germany, two good friends who met on a Kaplan English course in Oxford. 

Oxford: The English city, the university city, the Harry Potter city.

Which city could be more exciting to live in?

Our arrival on the first day was amazing and absolutely outstanding! We were really impressed by seeing all the historical buildings and unique architecture, which gave us the feeling of being in the 16th century.

Living in Oxford is absolutely great. You have never the feeling of getting bored thanks to a right mixture of nature and city life, ancient and modern, new restaurants and traditional British pubs, as well as meeting friends for social activities or just being alone.

We highly recomme nd that you visit the Bodleian Library and Christ Church College which are wonderful not just because of Harry Potter.

Studying at Kaplan Oxford offered us plenty of opportunities for meeting young people from all over the world! That taught us several things about foreign cultures, habits and the way of life.

Improving your English in such a nice environment is fun. The school is located in a lovely old building near the city centre and a peaceful park. One of the best things at KIC are that the classes are small with students from different countries and you get the opportunity to meet new students every week.

As we did! And become really good friends even though we are from different countries. Nobody says that your best friend must speak your mother tongue!
Don’t be afraid of studying abroad! Just come and enjoy, it is an experience you will remember for your whole life!

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