What's the difference between the programs for juniors (8-12 years old) and teens (13-17 years old)?

 Schedules and locations are different

Our students ages range from 7 to 17 years old, so we try to make the social activities reflect their interests. At our Leysin summer camp, we offer two very distinctive programs for students aged 8-14 and 13-17, with different schedules and premium activities listed in our brochure. 


Safeguarding our under 14’s 

All our students are constantly supervised inside the classroom, during excursions and social program activities, but those under the age of 14 are under a closer supervision. This ensures that they are having fun whilst learning in a safe environment. 


Safeguarding our 14+ 

If students are above the age of 14, we give parents or guardians the option of signing a consent form to allow their children to spend some free time with their friends. This free time usually occurs an hour before dinner and a limited period during excursions. Only by signing this form can the students have some free time to explore the environment that they are in without supervision. 


Different Curfews  

In our summer camps, we make sure that all students return to their host family or arrive back in their residences for their evening meal and by curfew time at night. The time of the curfew depends on the age and country the student is studying in, though the exact time is listed in the authorization form that we send to parents in pre-arrival documents. 



We aim to make our accommodation suitable for everyone. If our students select a residency with us, we try to place students of a similar age in the same room as much as possible. We hope this makes our students more comfortable throughout their stay with us.   

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