Pasty - Word of the Week

Definition: Pasty

Noun: A folded British pastry, usually filled with meat and vegetables.  Plural: "pasties"

Pronunciation: "Past-ee"

Don't confuse this with the other meaning of pasty!

Adjective: "Pasty", (adjective, pronounced "pay-stee") meaning a very pale, unhealthy skin color.

Example: "The best place to get a pasty is in Cornwall. That's why they're called Cornish pasties."

It's officially British Pie Week and we want to tell everyone about a uniquely British food: the pasty. A pasty can contain any meat or vegetables, but it is different from a normal pie because of how it's made.

To make a pasty, you first make a circle of dough.  You put your filling (usually beef, carrots, peas and potatoes) in the middle, and fold it in half.  Then pinch the edges, brush it with egg, and put it in the oven.

You can make a pasty look fancy by folding both sides up into the middle, like this one:

You'll find the best pasties in smaller English towns, especially ones like Torquay and Salisbury.  They make a great lunch or a delicious snack after a hard night of partying! (Have a pasty when you're looking pasty.)

What's your favorite food to eat after a night out?

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